Getting engaged? Here’s how to make sure you impress her and avoid costly mistakes you’ll regret for life…


Here’s how to make sure your needs are understood and that you really get listened to….Buying your engagement ring is truly special right? After all, you have a relationship that no one else in the world has….so here’s how to go about choosing your personally designed ring that reflects everything that this moment and your dreams for the future stand for…..


Here’s how to make sure you impress her and avoid costly mistakes you’ll regret for life…She’s the one….you’re going to ask her THE question….and you rightly want a ring that will say everything that this moment means to you, don’t you? So here’s how you can impress her and make a wise, safe investment that you can be proud of every day of your lives together…

  • Go to an expert – you’d never entrust a serious operation or a significant car service to just anyone….man-holding-engagement-ring so why would you with your engagement ring?Experts know about gold content, stone details and design realities that you can’t, don’t or won’t! … and they’ll hold your hand through the creative process until you have an end result you LOVE!
  • Invest in something designed especially for you – it’s NOT more expensive than off-the-shelf and you’ll get what you want with the added knowledge that it is genuinely one-of-a-kind…..just like your relationship.
  • Plan properly – have a budget, get a drawing, ask questions, be “heard” – it’s a lot of money and you don’t want to live with: “it’s not what we asked for” for the rest of your life.
  • Appreciate that old gold and inherited stones while hugely sentimental, carry risks – a good goldsmith and jewellery designer is trained to help you cut smoothly through all the options and make the best investment that suits you and importantly your lifestyle.
  • You DON’T want to get ripped off, cheated or short-changed with one of the most valuable purchases you’ll make!  Your designer is the one person you can trust to ensure that this doesn’t happen – don’t get engaged without her.

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