“We are thrilled with our engagement ring that Kim made for us. It is exactly as we had pictured in our minds. Kim has the ability to ask the right questions to find out exactly what one wants. She also has a high attention to detail which means that every aspect of the ring was carefully considered. The result is the perfect ring! We thoroughly enjoyed working with Kim. Her down to earth nature made it easy for us to convey to her what we wanted. We also appreciated her meeting with us after office hours and the fact that she met with us in our home was a great convenience!”

 – Tim and Bianca, Cape Town

“The day I decided to embark on the process I was very scared. While thinking back it was very bold, maybe more stupid of me to try and do such a task on my own. I am a complete novice when it comes to jewellery and or the design thereof, but fortunately you took my hand and guided me through the whole process. Thanks for breaking down the process into manageable parts that still gave me the impression that I was in control. Although much of the process is a haze to me I am just so satisfied, surprised and overwhelmed every time I look at the end product. She gets so many compliments, but above all, she loves it and it really is something very special.”

– Lambertus, Cape Town

“Working with Kim on our engagement ring was a fantastic experience. She knew straight away what kind of thing we were after and really looked after us throughout the whole process. It just meant so much more to us having our engagement ring made in this way and the ring itself is absolutely beautiful.” 

– Hannah, Cambridge

“I just wanted to say thanks once again for everything the ring looks amazing.  We both really appreciate everything you did for us and your patience as the emails went back and forth with pics and all the times I called and for answering all my questions on diamonds.  And for being so patient when we kept changing your pictures.”

– Nicky & Rob, Joburg

“Everything went off beautifully. Still Karoo evening with a full moon and no cloud and a roaring fire. Popped the question and no hesitation! We are both totally chuffed with the ring- thank you. Your interpretation of our ideas was fantastic and it really did exceed my expectations.”

– Chris , Cape Town

“Kim has a marvellous way of identifying the right creative journey. And as such the risk is infinitely disproportionate to the reward.The amount of energy and design work that Kim put in kept me feeling at ease throughout and the fact that she is emotionally invested in your success (and a romantic at heart) ensures that nothing is sacrificed for the perfect end result.I will definitely go to Kim again, first chance I get!” 

– Brendon, Cape Town


Kim, you are very special, and we will remember this moment forever. Everything you did was outstanding, the service, the ring itself and your commitment to a satisfied customer.”

 – Alan, Australia.